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Matt Bryden across from Parliament and Big Ben.

The Poetry Map comprises four sequences of poetry – Witness, A Discipline, Czech Film, and Singles. Each poem is set either at the place of its setting or its composition, and each sequence is grouped around a theme. Clicking below a poem takes you to the next poem in the sequence. The Random option allows poems to be read out of sequence, jumping continent and context.

In addition to the four sequences, handwritten drafts, on-site audio recordings and even a transliteration into phonemic script (used for teaching pronunciation) provide further 'information' for the poems, accessible via 'magic tickets.'

The Poetry Map is an online-only experience, and hopes to combine technology with the process of engaging with poetry.


Thanks to the following publications where versions of some of these poems first appeared: Cake, Fire, The Frogmore Papers, Goldfish, Great Works, Magma, New Welsh Review, nth position, Poetry Wales, The Reader, Rising, Seam, Shadowtrain, Smiths Knoll and South Bank Magazine

'Harvest' won the Warminster Poem on a Postcard Competition 2010

Cover Narcissus by Caravaggio, c.1597

Reading of 'Raciborz, Poland' by Levin Lemcke and Mandy Cheng.

Author photo, Harry Man

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